Monday, 4 August 2008

ALBUM: CSS - Donkey (Sub Pop Records)

Photo: Mariana Juliano

In the army of stuck-up indie douches lecturing you about how you 'don't get our art' and going on about 'contentious subjects' like euthanasia and other shit no-one cares about in their songs, CSS are among the few renegades who are only signed up to the army when they were drunk/stoned out of their minds and had no idea what they're doing.

'Donkey' (terrible name, I know) is another explosion of indietronic rock fun from a band who know not to take themselves too seriously. Opener ‘Jager Yoga’ with its chorus of ‘we didn’t come to walk around/we came here to take you out’ sums up everything great about CSS – their knack for killer pop hooks, endless cool and ability to start dancefloor riots.

First single ‘Rat Is Dead (Rage)’ is the best example of the difference between this and their debut – it’s guitar heavier and more rock structured and even ventures beyond the usual fascination with pop culture that their lyrics show, instead concerned with domestic violence. Similarly, although Lovefoxxx sings about dancing on tables and drinking herself comatose in ‘Left Behind,’ the glam rock-like guitars hide the story of lost luggage and heartbreak.

Still, despite their improved English, extra studio polishing and sometimes more serious subjects, at least compared to ‘Meeting Paris Hilton’ (although at the rise festival Lovefoxxx slipped the line ‘and her vagina was dry’ into ‘Rat Is Dead’ at the Rise Festival), CSS are still the wild fun they were before and ‘Donkey’ like their previous stuff remains the musical equivalent of E.

Stand-Out Track: Jager Yoga

Oliver Khakwani