Thursday, 12 March 2009

EP: Milky Wimpshake - One Good Use For My Heart EP (Fortuna Pop!)

Fortuna Pop! can generally be trusted to release music by only the most interesting and exciting artists and this occasion is no exception, with the slick indie this time putting out Milky Wimpshake’s latest EP. Stalwarts on the Newcastle scene, the simplistic yet sophisticated pop group have been going strong since their formation in 1993 and have an “indie celeb” fan in Ross Millard of Futureheads fame.

All this is well and good though but it doesn’t count for much if the music isn’t up to scratch. It’s hardly surprising to find that the ‘One Good Use For My Heart’ EP is way above par with five jangly post-punk indie tunes to keep you entertained in the miserable dark evenings this winter. They do tend to overdose a bit on brackets in song titles but surely they can be forgiven for such a crime this time; after all, if you’ve written a song as witty, catchy and downright wonderful as ‘(If You Wanna Know the Time Ask a) Policeman’ or the self-referential ‘Milky Cliché’ then you can probably get away with a bit of punctuational over-indulgence.
Standout track: Milky Cliché
Rhian Daly