Thursday, 12 March 2009

SINGLE: Subliminal Girls - Self Obsession is an Art Form (PopArt London)

“Vodka makes me act like a fool, I’m not very cool” sings Jim Rhesus on a ‘Self Obsession is an Art Form’, a song that will strike chords with many with it’s “I’m too drunk to carry you home, you’re too drunk to carry me home” chorus and descriptions of messy nights out. Wittily charming, it leads nicely into ‘Posh Girls Names’, a more confusing piece of synth-pop to get your teeth in. Underneath Rhesus’ vocals runs a spoken-word commentary that provides your brain with the conundrum of what part to concentrate on most. As a result, it ends up getting fairly annoying quickly as you try and snatch snippets of each separate vocal. Final track ‘Electronic Hearts’ is far more straightforward and easy to listen to and scores highly with its Sonic Youth referencing and dry, sarcastic lyrics cutting through melodic guitars and 80s synths.

Although sometimes they’re hard work, Subliminal Girls are worth the effort, once you get your head around them. Plus, they’re always coming up with something interesting – for instance, this latest single will set you back nearly £1500. Not a money-grabbing rip off, but an investment in art, with the record being housed in a special screenpainted box designed by Stuart Semple. Perhaps not the best timed move considering the current economic climate, but interesting nonetheless.

Rhian Daly