Thursday, 12 March 2009

SINGLE: Le Reno Amps - Send Me on My Way (Drift Records)

Scottish might be a phrase you’ve come to dread, knowing that you’re in for a dull and painful listen but instead of running for the Highlands, perhaps you should give one particular quartet a try.
Le Reno Amps are the antithesis to the aforementioned dirge merchants, instead bringing to the table a fun and cheerful take on things. ‘Send Me on My Way’, their first single on Drift Records, shows the two sides to the group quite clearly with the title track falling more into the country camp and b-side ‘Airwaves’ fitting snugly under indie. Both are superb displays of musicianship that should have you up out of your chair and cutting some rug, although the lead track may be more of an acquired taste, with its successor a bit easier on the ear. But everyone knows good things come to those who wait, and after a little perseverance you’ll love both songs as if they were your own children.

Rhian Daly