Sunday, 29 June 2008

LIVE: Late of the Pier, Bugged Out! Warehouse Ball, Shoreditch, 6th June, 2008

Photo: +++ponyrock+++

For one night only, Late of the Pier take over Hearn Street Car Park to collaborate with promoters Bugged Out!; a perfect match indeed. Calling it one of the last London shows they will play until the festival season is over and the release of their eagerly anticipated album, it's set to be a good one. And they don't disappoint. Their set includes singles 'Space and the Woods', 'The Bears Are Coming', along with live favourites 'Broken' and 'Random Firl'. They produce hit after hit and their dose of piecing synths mixed with the grungier riffs of 'VW' along with drumming on bed slates and swift, funkadelic basslines manage to captivate. And all without an air of pretension; it all seems to come so naturally and the layers do not alienate, they only spur you on to dance until your feet ache. But it's still single 'Bathroom Gurgle' that gets the crowd really going and screaming in their best falsetto voices to lyrics that I still insist only dogs can understand. The more these boys play, the more amazing they get, they never fail to excite.

Claire Evans