Monday, 16 June 2008

Q&A: We Smoke Fags

North London's WE SMOKE FAGS release debut single 'Eastenders' this week on sixsevenine.

Which additional instrument would you like to see in the band?
Live drums one day would be cool. But if I had to pick something else entirely, it'd be a whisk with variable speeds and a glass mixing bowl.

If you were invited to a gods and goddesses party which mythical figure would you go as and how would you depict it in costume?
Ra, god of the sun, because he's got a birds head. I'd model the head on a falcon's and make it out of paper mache. Then I'd wear some gold robes and carry a big stick. I reckon It'd look pretty damn good!

If We Smoke Fags was a dance, what dance would you be?
Better than the Rolex sweep.

And on the same subject, what is your best token dance move?
Flailing limbs and also trying bogle.

If you could promote only one band in the world, except yourself, who would it be?
One band? Probably XX teens, we like them.

What were you doing at this time yesterday?
Walking on a beach in Dublin, looking for crabs with Harry.

Look to the past or look to the future?
Both, but never the present.

What is your most effective insult?
"I saw your Mum on Jeremy Kyle, wearing Reebok classics". It's Harry's really, but it's spawned the "I saw you Mum...." game on tour.

You’ve got a whole variety of shows planned over the summer, what one are you most looking forward to? And has there been a gig you’d rather forget?
Japan's Summer Sonic festival. We've never been to Japan, it's going to be like stepping into another world! We've heard from other bands that playing there is pretty surreal.

Yes, but I've forgotten.

You have an interesting mix of influences listed on your myspace. How do you work individual interests into the band?
I think it just comes naturally to Joey in the writing process. We're always introducing each other to music and experiences we've each discovered and that filters through to our songs.

Is it better to be influenced or inspired?
Inspired, without a doubt. But influence plays an important role.

Your debut single ‘Eastenders’ is out soon, has it been hard work to get to the point where you’re releasing a record?
I wouldn't call it hard, but very long! It's been frustrating, we were first meant to release a single about the same time last year, but things kept on changing, albeit for the best. We're all fucking exciting about this one, we feel everything is ready now.
So, what pray tell does the future hold?
The usual band stuff, recording the album, more touring, trying to take over the world...

Claire Evans