Monday, 16 June 2008

SINGLE: Gloria Cycles - Vegas (Wendy Bike Records)

Think of Vegas and you think of glamour, excitement and lavish excess, right? So putting on Gloria Cycles’ debut single, you’re probably going to be expecting something that reflects that. Unfortunately you couldn’t be further from the truth as ‘Vegas’ is a mundane journey from start to finish. The opening chiming guitar work is weary and overdone, whilst the constant repetitive backing vocals from bassist Jen Dalby don’t take long to get on your nerves. One positive of this track is lead singer Kenny McCracken, possessing an interesting and distinctive voice that saves this single from being an absolute disaster.

Having said that, the Muddy Baker remix reconstructs the track and turns it into a six and a half minute electro wonder, taking the best parts of the song and cutting the crap. Perhaps Gloria Cycles should take note from this electro refit and use the same strategy to improve their own work.

Rhian Daly