Monday, 5 May 2008

ALBUM: The Mountain Movers - We’ve Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death (Fortuna Pop!)

'We’ve Walked in Hell and There is Life After Death' stores a mood in it that is far more expressive than obsessive. The Mountain Movers arch us into a world of the divine solidarity between man’s love, death and his devils.

Everything is wrapped in a soulful oldies pop mix, marked by outstanding performances especially from Greene (songwriting/vocals), Ellinger (saxophone) and Katz (piano).

The songs are kept in a classical structure much to the overall benefit of the record. The obsessive modern pop/rock world with hooks and breakdowns of nowadays can only admire the skillful playing with melodies, riffs and lyrics. Daniel Greene from the Butterflies of Love with five new band members and eight other musical culprits all-together help us to explore the abandoned, broken image world of 'We’ve Walked In Hell And There Is Life After Death'.

The undefined line of bad and routine has never been paroled around so calmly soulful and to such an efficient effect, that goose bumps are guaranteed by this mellow narcotic love & afterlife pop/rock record from The Mountain Movers.

Robert Dreija

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