Monday, 12 May 2008

SINGLE: The Wireless - He’s So Proud (Redemption Records)

Photo by: Alex Sudea

According to their press release, single ‘He’s So Proud’ was written to publicise the vocalist’s relationship with a local white rapper’s girlfriend. I’ll try my best to overlook what a douchebag he is for risking some kind of white Islington kid gang war. The single is a definite indie rock dancefloor anthem with its spiky guitars and rush killer chorus of ‘he’s so proud, it kills me.’ Felix Bushe’s definitely seems to be the source of the band’s distinctiveness with his ability to pen a great story and aggressive/slightly cocky singing.

I’m not so sure about b-side ‘The Coward.’ It’s in the same vein – a guitar driven indie rocker but the main riff sounds sort of Madness-like stupid, which is fine if you’re a Madness fan. Also, the chorus is less catchy and the distorted guitar squeals and more talk-sing vocals make it sound clumsier but I guess it wouldn’t be a b-side if it was amazing. Overall, pretty good band, great frontman and awesome single.

Ollie Khakwani

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