Monday, 12 May 2008

SINGLE: Captain Black - Sister / Jack Sheppard (Bumpman Records)

Photo by: Greg Nolan

Hailing from the melting pot of cool that is Camden Town, Captain Black are probably used to bumping into the leading lights of the indie celeb world. Which is just as well, seeing as they’ll probably be joining them in a couple of years time in every tabloid newspaper in existence. Why? Because they write stupidly brilliant songs that deserve to be massive.

‘Sister’ is a yearning tale of unrequited love that is bittersweet; jovial yet despondent. Sam Relleen’s passionate vocal delivery adds to the heartache whilst his and Keith Austin’s guitar interplay keep the track from tragic and boring route.

B-side ‘Jack Sheppard’ is a more upbeat offering, recounting the story of a troublesome character whilst sounding vaguely like Joe Strummer penning a pirate’s call to arms. Average indie, this is not. If Captain Black are the future of sharp, scuzzy pop then someone should hurry up and invent a time machine so we can all get there quicker.

Rhian Daly

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