Wednesday, 21 May 2008

LIVE: Zombie-Zombie, White Heat at Madame JoJo, London. 20th May, 2008

Photo by Nicole Blommers

Multitasking is an ability which every human being should be good at. I am a big fan of multitasking, whether it is at work or in my personal life. Being a brilliant musician means you are good at being a multitasker. Zombie-Zombie, a duo based in Paris, are fortunate enough to be called brilliant musicians. Earlier this year saw the release of their album 'A Land Of Renegades,' an album which is the perfect soundtrack for a science fiction or a detective movie. It brings bleeps, spacey sounds, screaming voices, drumbeats and other experimental noises together in a wonderful exciting boom!

If you want to be in a band such as Zombie-Zombie you need to be, at least, a part-time geek, but preferably full-time. Etienne Jaumet and CosmicNeman (who you might know from Herman D√ľne) are 100% geeks on stage. They love to twiddle the knobs and play with their keyboards and drums. Not to forget, they know how to use their geeky toy called Theremin, which is one of the best instruments ever made. It’s a little box with an antenna attached to it and when you move your hands around the antenna it produces an electrical signal sound. Zombie-Zombie definitely are le grand heroes in multitasking. It doesn’t matter where every instrument is; they know how to find it. One eye focuses on a knob at the left and the other eye is concentrating on a toy keyboard. You probably won’t believe it, but they have a third eye as well.

At the start of their White Heat gig the crowd, especially those at the front, just stare at the band. The more we get taken along in their musical adventure, the more mental and spacey some people get, or should I say that they act like zombies? If you really get into their sound and live gigs, you will know exactly what means to be prescribed adrenaline shots. It feels great! I wish they had given us a bit more of those shots, but I guess that their stretched out cover of Iggy Pop’s ‘Nightclubbing’ was indeed a perfect way to end it all. To summarise it: Zombie-Zombie is a band that does not only sound fantastic on record, but as a live band they are perhaps even more fantastic.

Nicole Blommers