Monday, 5 May 2008

EP: Cate Le Bon - Edrych Yn Llygaid Ceffyl (Peski Records)

Photo By Kirsten McTernan

Although all the lyrics are in Welsh so the words are nothing but a random string of noises to me, they’re still enjoyable in that Sigur Ros-ish kind of way where you can make up an elaborate story about pie, ninjas and half a pound of cocaine based on the feeling you get from the music. In this case some kind of acid trip involving all of those seems to be the most appropriate judging by the psycho-country stomp and wild mush of banjos, blues guitar and keyboards on the opener. It’s kind of messy but so deranged that it’s instantly enjoyable and held together expertly with the warm sort of Welsh Martha Wainwright vocals. The drug-fuelled weirdness is toned down a little with some slower country and folk ballads although the occasional ‘bow wow something something something’ sample sneaks into the third track with distorted screams instead of vocals, once again turning it into a weed freakout, but one that has some great guitar solos. The unprovoked guitar jabs appear on most tracks, often randomly placed, quite distorted and so amazingly cool.

It’s an EP that has a bit of dichotomy, half the tracks are pretty standard country/folk while the rest are insane jams with honky tonks, sampling and accordions which are so intriguing that they more than make up for lack of lyrics that I understand. It’s a great EP and a crazy but totally fun musical journey.

Standout Track: Hwylio mewn cyfog (the first one)

Ollie Khakwani

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