Sunday, 25 May 2008

EP: The Transmissions - Safe EP (Filthy Little Angels)

(Filthy Little Angels Records)
Curtain up. The reviewer sits at a desk, fingers hovering over keyboard. Conscience enters stage left.

CONSCIENCE: Been a while. So, what’s the verdict?

REVIEWER: Still not sure, you know I’m really dense with experimental rock. I think there’s something here but I have no idea how to say it.

CONSCIENCE: Umm…just start with what it’s like and what’s good about it.

REVIEWER: Well I guess it kind of has that gravity-defying Blonde Redhead vibe with the floaty distorted guitar and vocals on all the tracks except ‘Faces.'

CONSCIENCE: So more of a relaxing sombre-type listen?

REVIEWER: Definitely on the title track and the closer ‘Thoughts Remain’ but they all have some pretty punk/alternative rock-ish guitar licks. And it’s probably more engaging than Blonde Redhead with all the solos and dynamic changes. Kind of like Mogwai’s Rock Action, you know, showing what you can do with a guitar and an effect pedal, but with words.

CONSCIENCE: Ok…so it’s punk dream pop. What about the lyrics? Singer any good?

REVIEWER: Yeah, his vocals have a really cool detached feel that goes with the winding guitar epic structure.

CONSCIENCE: So it’s good then?

REVIEWER: Yeah, I think you’re right. I mean they don’t really have the dancefloor hedonism to break into the mainstream but it’s interesting and not too challenging at the same time. And I love the guitars on it, it’s almost like an existentialist play of an EP.

CONSCIENCE: So it’s settled then, you’ll give it a good review.

REVIEWER: Yeah, ok

Ollie Khakwani