Monday, 5 May 2008

SINGLE: James Pants - We’re Through (Stones Throw Records)

Photo By Jake Green

It’s always a mystery what kind of sound will be blasted through my speakers when giving a fairly new artist a first spin. I like being surprised. James Pants, a solo artist from Spokane in the USA, mixes up different styles of music such as electro boogie, rap, soul and bit of disco. It’s hard to believe that this pretty pleasant mix up is made by just one man only. Oh, I should not forget to say that he does have a few band members. There are Compurhythm 8000, Daniel DMX, 303, Muzach, Syndrummer, Flexi-Tone and a few others, who remain anonymous.

‘We’re Through’, a 12" single release, brings you on a boogie/disco journey in the 21st century and has already received some airplay on Nemone’s 6Music radio show. Its cowbell, spacey sound and percussion rhythm are what make this song a pleasure to listen to and will make your hip and shoulders shake in whatever direction they feel like shaking.

Its b-side ‘Space Date’ has this repetitive bass line and a horny Serge Gainsbourg kinda voice, which brings you in the right sexy mood quicker than a trip to the moon. I only wish the song lasted a bit longer. ‘Rockin’’ is a more simple tune, but a nice chill out after having listened with both ears, shaking my hips and being put in a sexy mood. I really like being surprised and James Pants has done this very positively.

Nicole Blommers

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