Monday, 12 May 2008

SINGLE: My Sad Captains - All Hat And No Plans (White Heat Records)

Double A-sides could be the greatest invention ever. It’s basically a guarantee that you get two great songs instead of having to trawl through a dubious filler-based album or getting one good song and two heinous rehashes made by some failed pop star or record company manager’s son twiddling a few dials.

My Sad Captains are definitive proof that indie can do pop way better than Sony BMG’s focus groups and marketing slaves. With their delicately chiming guitars, chorus harmonies and slightly deadpan delivery on both ‘All Hat And No Plans’ and ‘Great Expectations’ they’ve managed to create two intimate pop gems that don’t intimidate listeners with overproduction, wildly unnecessary vocal acrobatics or disgusting displays of arrogance or ‘even though I’m way richer and prettier than you I’m going to try and make you think I view you as an equal’ type lyrics. And all of that without compromising on the catchiness and keeping it sounding original. Out of the two ‘All Hat’ is probably the better, getting started and sticking in your brain almost instantly but they’re both understated masterpieces.

Ollie Khakwani

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