Monday, 12 May 2008

SINGLE: The Ladybug Transistor - Always On the Telephone (Fortuna Pop!)

Photo by Kenji Kitahama

The Ladybug Transistor have been producing impeccable slices of pop for god knows how many years now, so surely at some point they’ve got to get it wrong? Not with this serving, as ‘Always On the Telephone’ is yet another fantastic composition. Gary Olsen’s laidback vocals glide across the folky guitars sublimely before a superbly retro sax solo appears out of nowhere. This unexpected feature, though, is the difference between the track being great or good. Saxophones aside, ‘Always On the Telephone’ is an enjoyable if slightly repetitive listen which needs a few more ideas adding to it before it can be called one of the Brooklyn five piece’s best tracks. Still, a good taster for the new album and perfect for a compilation for a lazy summer afternoon.

Rhian Daly

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