Monday, 12 May 2008

SINGLE: The Favours - One Up On You / Bad Intentions (StoneTrax Records)

If you like your music to combine pounding drums with rumbling bass and some belligerent female vocals then you’ll probably love The Favours. Fronted by Sara Sanchez, the Hull-based group cook up an aural riot on a-side ‘One Up On You’, merging attitude and confidence with magnificent production and an irresistibly catchy chorus; the sort of song that won’t make you feel like an idiot jumping up and down punching the air.

Sister track ‘Bad Intentions’ provides more of the same, albeit with more of a Courtney Love drawl to Sanchez’s vocals. It’s this obvious American influence that stops the Favours being another northern band riding the coat tails of Arctic Monkeys success, sounding more like Hole and Garbage than the Long Blondes or ¡Forward Russia!

They’re already well on their way to success but this single should help it to arrive on their doorstep just that little bit quicker.

Rhian Daly

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