Monday, 5 May 2008

ISSUE FIVE: Page 4. Talk Taxis Interview

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TALK TAXIS Neon Buzz catches Talk Taxis’ Nathan at Fridge Bar, Brixton to talk Scarface, Sienna, and the dangers of the left hand drive in Exeter... Hey Nathan Hey, what’s happening? So the obvious first, where did you guys get the name Talk Taxis? In Scarface the first letters of the first nine words spells ‘TALK TAXIS’ (Expecting a more vehicle based answer) What!? (Laughs) The first nine letters of the first nine words spoken in Scarface spell Talk Taxis – we’re Scarface fanatics. What has been the highest point for Talk Taxis so far? Playing Camden Roundhouse with Kid Harpoon and the Maccabees. The atmosphere was amazing, and the people were alive. And the lowest point? We were going to Exeter in the van for a gig and Lily (the manager) was ill. Nobody in the van could do the left hand drive, so we had to go home. What would you be doing if you were not in Talk Taxis? DJing, probably. Where would you like Talk Taxis to be in a years time? Signed! Hopefully signed up with a decent indie record label. And finally, if you could sleep with anyone just the once, who would it be? You guys stole that question from BT (confused) Pardon? It would be Ian Curtis. I’ve been reading a book about him recently and it was really interesting, so... Wait, you would sleep with Ian Curtis?! Oh, sleep with! I though you said SPEAK with! Sienna Miller. She’s hot. And with that Nathan dances off into the drum and bass room, leaving us wishing he had meant what he said the first time, just for shock value. Jamila Dixon

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