Sunday, 25 May 2008

EP: Awesome Wells - Bitch Poets EP (Filthy Little Angels)

An EP with four songs that combined last 9 minutes might strike some people as a bit of a rip-off but Awesome Wells have squeezed every last second full of punk-pop hooks and bratty attitude. Ok, I realise that sounds like some kind of Avril Lavigne-based theme park hell but their lead singer is more Karen O than pop princess. Starting with an ode to Dannii Minogue (no, I don’t know why) lines like ‘you’re the best sister ever’ show an irreproachably twee side but at the same time Awesome Wells showcase their quirky sense of humour in the chorus of ‘Dannii Minogue I love you, I want to snog you.’ The 12 year old ADHD-headcase feel spills over into the other 7 minutes with the rush of power chord progressions, swearing and bratty vivacity. It’s not all substanceless kid ranting though, like the savage attack on the fashion industry for making girls look and dress like boys on ‘You’ve Got No Business In The Fashion World’ and the cries of ‘get off the crack’ on closer ‘Tramp Family.’ Take it too seriously and you’ll find it a hideous display of immaturity but really it’s a fireball of fun.

Standout Track: D.A.N.N.I.I.

Ollie Khakwani