Thursday, 1 May 2008

LIVE: Jamie Lidell, Koko, London. 29th April, 2008

'Finally I have a live band,’ says Jamie Lidell at his sold out gig in Koko. A new album needs a completely new live line-up is what Lidell must have thought and it works out pretty well. Way before the release of his new album 'JIM,' it was Lidell alone on stage with his laptop, mixers and a microphone. Now he is the conductor of his own band, who happily play his songs and give it their all. Joining the band tonight is Mocky, who co-produced/co-wrote 'JIM' and is having a day off from his tour with Gonzales. Even though Lidell now has a live band, there are still a few moments with just him on stage. Ah, the good old days! The band don't seem to mind, as they passionately dance off stage knowing that it’s time for a Jamie Lidell moment.

It’s a joy to watch the show from Koko’s balcony and see what’s happening on stage. It is all neatly mixed and molded together and Lidell has it all perfectly under control. Songs from both 'Multiply' and 'JIM' are played and a few songs sound remixed.

He is not only the conductor of the band, but also the conductor of the beats and voice effects, and maybe he even conducts the audience, who love every moment of the show. Lidell is a showman, a professional and a phenomenal musician. Ooh, does he know how to make the girls swoon with his moves and grooves and soulful voice or what? He definitely makes me swoon. Mr Lidell, it was a pleasure to finally see you live and I don't mind waiting to see you again.

Nicole Blommers

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