Monday, 5 May 2008

ISSUE FIVE: Page 6. Battle Interview

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Truth be told, I’m a bit nervous. The first time conducting an interview can be terrifying, especially, when like me, you’ve followed Battle almost from the start. After a rather long break since their hugely successful single ‘Tendency’, Battle are in full swing again, with the recent single ‘The Longest Time’, and a second the be taken from their debut album, ‘Paper Street.’ Battle I met with the band after the first date of their UK tour, in support of Newcastle’s Kubichek! Tonight’s set, at Bristol’s Louisiana, was a sweaty, hectic affair, and post-gig the band lay slumped against the walls. I introduce myself. ‘”I THERE! Great to meet you!” bounds forward Jason, offering us his hand. There’s no pretence here; Battle are a band with charm and manners in abundance - and one of few with such enthusiasm. We start with talk of their triumph at Reading festival. “Reading and Leeds was awesome. We hadn’t played any shows in a while, so whilst Leeds was a warm up, we felt like we real nailed Reading. It’s probably the best show we’ve ever played.” It’s not hard to believe - Battle combine the spirit of punk with unbelievable technical ability into their sets, and tonight’s set showcased a band in their prime. It’s nearly two hours after they left the stage, and the sweat still drips from their foreheads. Everything falls a bit quiet as the band reminisce. “We didn’t get to see any other bands, I mean, I caught The View, but we didn’t see anyone else. We’re a bit weird, we have to hide ourselves away - we get so nervous.” Jason looks at the floor and shuffles around a bit; odd, as the band’s shyness certainly doesn’t come across on stage. Talk moves towards that of the current album, ‘Break the Banks’, “we’re really excited about it! We’ve worked so hard on it.” Battle’s sound smacks of urgency and focus, and together with Jason’s gentle vocals, you have a band that’s impossible to pigeon hole. “You’ve forgotten the rest of your questions haven’t you? I wouldn’t worry. I wrote these amazing lyrics the other week, they were the best lyrics I wrote, ever. They came to me late one night. I played them, and for that one moment, I was completely happy. I forgot them, I can never get them right now.” Jason looks at the floor. I ask where he normally writes; “There isn’t one set place, it just kinda comes to me. We don’t have the advantage of one of those huge tour buses. Perhaps when the album goes platinum, we just might.” They may joke, but the way Battle are going, that sort of success isn’t out of the question. Cara Drury

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