Tuesday, 20 May 2008

EP: LD & The New Criticism - Amoral Certitudes (Acuarela)

One listen into this ‘autodidactic toe-tapper’ (their words, not mine) EP, and it’s clear. This is how music should sound. With a mesmeric mixture of eclecticism, glorious pop harmonies and the all important ukulele, the glowing carnival spirit of Amoral Certitudes confirms that the magnificent LD & The New Criticism are unable to offer anything less than excellence. Opening this light-hearted EP, the utterly charming ditty penned ‘Love Theme from LD&TNC’ creates an adorably majestic stunner of a track, and with follow up AKA Paradise, a sound so melodically beautiful, yet surprisingly strikingly powerful is released, bursting into a joyous fit of pure glee.

As the EP draws on, each utterly oddball, yet splendidly structured song sparkles in its own special way. With short snaps such as ‘Light Verse’, it’s clear that this band certainly have a knack for merely drawling inspiringly beautiful songs, each glorious musical wonder being as special as the next.

As tranquilly serene as the music suggests, the lyrical genius injected into each excellently crafted pearl is as perfect as the aforesaid talent portrayed by this collective. Lyrics such as “Who knew people like you/Weren’t just a euphemism/Who’d’ve thought this could be taught/Like a catechism” show that as well as being a magically melodic spark, the lyrics provide the dazed and entranced listener a much sought after ‘pop for the clever people’ angle.

After ’16 minutes and 30-odd seconds’ (again, their words) of ecstasy, and the pure and utter elation has suddenly passed without consent, the unspoken words of LD & TNC remain, urging you subconsciously to go off and buy their EP. And who are you to let them down?

Olivia Jaremi