Monday, 28 April 2008

EP: Ejectorseat - Not My Girl EP (Taste Media LTD )

When did pop music get so good again? The infectious charm of the ridiculously good Ejectorseat is displayed in perfect in-your-face fashion with the electrifying 'Not My Girl EP.' Title track 'Not My Girl' is a punchy, indie pop wonder of a track, igniting an uncontrollable urge to dance ‘til you drop in even the loneliest of souls. With melodies so bouncy they could be marketed as a vigorous exercise program and jovial vocals swirling around this catchy-as-hell number, it’s a wonder Ejectorseat are only just releasing their first ever E.P.

'To Be More Animal' offers a darker, and slightly satirical side to the band. Sickly synths and beastly basslines are combined to make a striking clash when compared to the fuzzy pop wonder of 'Not My Girl.' Different as it may be, it’s still a perfectly awesome track; vocals spat with an alarming aggression add to the alternation, whilst pronouncing Ejectorseat as one of the greatest new bands in a long while.

Standout and closer 'Hopeless and Emotionless' proposes a perfect end to this faultless EP. With magnificent harmonies and even more added electropop ace-ness, this colossal attack of indie-pop stomp closes this joyous EP in a spectacular fashion, reaffirming Ejectorseat’s triumphant success.

Best band of 2008? Definitely.

Standout: Hopeless and Emotionless

Olivia Jaremi

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