Monday, 14 April 2008

ALBUM: Various Artists - On The Bone Compilation Number Two (On The Bone Records)

Like you’d expect with any compilation album there were some great and less great tracks and maybe I’m too musically dense for such a disparate mix. Stretching from the intricate guitar melodies and indie folk of ‘Cross Stitched Lips’ to the sleazy electro-pop of ‘Strong Nuclear Force,’ there probably is something for everyone like the press release suggests but not very much judging from what I’ve heard.

Most of the tracks aren’t very straightforward or catchy with the exceptions of ‘The Conversation,’ ‘Drunken Dancer’ and ‘Winter Warmer,’ all of which tread on the slightly more accessible end of indie pop and rock, so I could be completely missing the point of some tracks. Still, whilst some might view ‘Steven Hawkwind’ as a 9 minute prog rock epic, I thought it was 9 minutes I wasted listening to some wanker molesting his guitar. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some great guitar work on the track but 9 minutes without any words and the same riff being played for the nth time gets a little tiresome.

Pretty much all of the songs get across the fact that the bands are brimming with talent (except ‘Shut You Off’ which was honestly the worst electronic track I have ever heard – 5 minutes of toneless bleeps), like the great guitar riffs on ‘Special Bear’ or the amazing vocals on ‘The Flower of Magherally,’ I’m just not sure if they’re all tracks that you’d want to listen to again.

Ollie Khakwani

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