Saturday, 12 April 2008

SINGLE: Isosceles - Kitch Bitch / Watertight

Oh, you know what to expect: the vocals of lager-guzzling, dissented youth, energetic melodies, and quirky effects and if I have to read Artrocker painting every other band into an “angular guitar” label, I will scream! For sure, you could compare Isosceles quite easily to that other Glaswegian rock band, Franz Ferdinand (Kapranos apparently having blown them the kiss of approval), but ‘Kitch Bitch’ shows a more effortless social tongue lashing than anything to be found on the overreaching ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’. Jack Valentine and co. rip into the tussled-haired, charity-shop art fashionistas, pushing them off their self-important pedestals and eloquently encapsulating their shallowness through lyrics like “Well she wants to be like Einstein ‘cos he’s anti-capitalistic/She wants to invent an equation, but let’s be realistic/She thinks relativity applies to daddy’s Porsche”. It’s a sharp wit that is almost in dialogue with the delirious guitar work, and it is an element that is missing in the more instrumentally oriented B-side, ‘Watertight’. Driven more by Bobby Duff’s drum work and Andrew’s (no surname given) ticking bass, it highlights Isosceles more eccentric, lo-fi underbelly. These two tracks show that while Isosceles may be lyrically and instrumentally tight, they are hindered somewhat by that generic indie vocal delivery that makes them sound like their jaws are about to melt right off of their faces.

Jorge Costa

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