Monday, 14 April 2008

DEMO: The Faff - That’s A Nice Glove / Parachuting with Pandas

Photo by: Viral Shah Photography

Looking at The Faff’s song titles, you might be expecting to be subjected to some style-over-substance, irony loving, flash in the pan indie band. Instead what you get is segments of well crafted synth-pop, which has the legs to be setting indie disco dancefloors on fire for a while yet. 'That’s A Nice Glove' is an infectious, irresistible pop tune, complete with shouty backing vocals and ridiculously cheery synths that are almost a little fairground-esque. If you don’t find yourself dancing round your room to this, triumphantly punching the air, you might want to look into getting a new pair of ears.

'Parachuting with Pandas' offers more of the same, but this time with more of an ominous edge. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to what parachuting or pandas actually have to do with the song though, as singer Will propositions a girl to “run away with me, we’ll start a family”, which seems like not much thought has gone into this decision when he later sings “if it’s not what you want then go away”. Nevertheless, 'Parachuting with Pandas' is an almost flawless mix of driving guitars and catchy lyrics, which will no doubt be garnering much more attention for The Faff in the years to come.

Rhian Daly

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