Monday, 14 April 2008

SINGLE: Guildean Gang - Swirls

Sounding like the Good Shoes cover band you’ve never heard, Guildean Gang are yet another bland, generic indie band that seem to have their heart set on releasing the same music as every other indie band around. ‘Swirls’ is a short and snappy debut, and on first listen, it’s difficult to find faults; although it’s not easy finding positives either, whilst displaying an evident talent, they are no alternative to every other band of whom graced the pages of Artrocker throughout the past few months of 2008.

‘Swirls’ is a debut filled with so many clichéd guitar parts and stop-start vocals, they could almost pass off as The Libertines if they hadn’t succumbed to the rock and roll lifestyle; its slightly pretentious “look at me, I’m trying to get signed to Rough Trade!” unspoken words are enough to make one’s ears bleed, when merged with the overly-nice attack of this single. Failing where The Maccabees succeded, it’s hard to focus your attention on this all-too-perfect indie clan - just as well this short single is over in a matter of minutes.

Their spell at The Academy of Contemporary Music is almost too obvious, with these too polished tunes slotting nicely into Radio 1’s daytime playlist. It’s not all bad - if you like The Kooks, this band will change your life, with their twisted melodies and lovely vocals combining to make something so indie it hurts. 'Guildean Gang' will be a hot-off-the-press exciting new indie band sometime in the near future, whether you like it or not. If you have any kind of decent music taste however, avoid this like the plague. It’s almost pleasant enough to make you vomit.

Olivia Jaremi

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