Wednesday, 23 April 2008

SINGLE: White Light Parade - Turning All The Lights Down (Split Records)

‘Turning All the Lights Down’ is a vivacious indie rocker starting up with some Strokes-like guitars and load of youthful spirit. Clearly singer Danny Yeats can deal the playful storytelling lyrics just as well as Kate Nash with the fantastic irony of the nasal whining ‘I’m too young, I’m too young, I don’t know where I went wrong’ building up to the anthemic chorus and other brilliant lines like "too young too talk about it, so we just fight about it." Besides that the chorus nails itself to your brain the second it starts and the song even deals with all the fisticuffs and ASBOs up north. The single shows all the elements of a great band – a wild sense of fun, killer hooks and even insightful lyrics.

B-side ‘Shotgun’ takes the theme of Northern crime a little more seriously than the single, worrying about getting out alive rather than freaking about what your parents will say when they have to bail you out with rockier and more complex guitar lines and pounding drums. Obviously it’s not as catchy, otherwise it would be the single but its lyrics are no less intelligent and it’s another testament to a band that really deserves to make it.

Ollie Khakwani

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