Wednesday, 23 April 2008

SINGLE: The Outside Royalty - Falling (Bloody Awful Poetry Records)


I can definitely hear why they’ve been compared to Pulp and The Arcade Fire with the kitchen sink realism directed more about love, slightly disco-ish but drier drum beats and the baroque string arrangements alongside the pulsing guitar and bass which make for a brilliant combination of sound. The band use contrast to great effect by putting the lively and cheerful violin squeaks up against the melancholy lyrics which are brilliantly rendered with an almost tangible intensity and slightly weird accent that makes the singer sound a little bit plumy like when you hear James Blunt in interviews but not annoying. But posh sounding or not, it’s a slightly morose but beautiful love song that any listener can’t fail to appreciate.

B-side ‘Voice Beneath the Rubble’ is even more bleak and downbeat with the same violins now delivering mournful wails on top of a bed of acoustic guitar and more noticeably glum lyrics. From the moment the acoustic guitar comes in to that great moment in the song when the drums, violin and guitar all pick up to the finale when the murky violin section fades out the b-side confirms the earlier comparisons and proves The Outside Royalty have what it takes to be great.

Ollie Khakwani

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