Saturday, 12 April 2008

LIVE: Holy Fuck, 100 Club, London. 8th April, 2008

Photo by Nicole Blommers

Can I start by saying what an exciting band Holy Fuck is? Having seen them before, not once, but four times it was knowing how impressively good they are that made me decide to check ‘em out again. Holy Fuck, a four-piece from Canada, with an immense, almost geeky love for toy keyboards, beat machines, synthesizers and other musical objects as found in secondhand stores or outside in the trash of a film studio. There are similar bands that produce their music with a lot of help from some computer software, but not Holy Fuck. This is what makes their live gigs such a pleasure to watch. The boys are surrounded by their millions of toys and lots of wires connecting them. If you think that what they have on their table is already a lot, look around you, because there is more.

Tonight is a sold out night in 100 Club. Thankfully I managed to find myself a nice spot down at the front. It really is a pleasure to see all the excitement happening on stage. One hand is twisting the knobs of the effect box, the other hand presses one of the pedals and through a tiny microphone chaotic noise is being made. Do they know how to multi-task or what? If you mix all the multi-tasking together you get the beautiful sound that is Holy Fuck. I think I can say that this is the most enjoyable gig out of five I have been to so far. There is joy when single 'Lovely Allen' is played, a bit of stage diving and girls dancing on stage during one of the last songs. With a name as Holy Fuck it is almost impossible not to say that they are holy fucking amazing.

Nicole Blommers

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