Monday, 14 April 2008

SINGLE: Cuddly Shark - The Punisher of IV30 (Armellodie)

From the very first note, these Fugazi-alike Scots have certainly made their impression on this intriguingly catchy debut single. ‘The Punisher of IV30’ and it’s jerky punkish stop-start riffs are a fantastic combination once paired with the yelpy angst-ridden vocals scattered throughout this striking song. As the instruments work together in harmony (or should that be anti-harmony?), it is clear that this is a band to look out for, and an NME love-affair is almost certainly on the cards.

The furious delivery and pace in which Cuddly Sharks' lyrics are screeched, sung and spoken make this somewhat nihilistic single an altogether favourable one. With their energized awkward guitar fret-picking of ‘The Punisher of IV30’ tied with the dreadful, slow-paced failed attempt at Tenacious D style humour of ‘Hails of Bay’, the perplexed listener is left in shock, desperately wishing for the blistering punk brilliance of the aforementioned A-side to return. The final B-side, entitled ‘Jamie Foxx on Jools Holland’ is only a 52 second, somewhat angsty piece of throwaway punkish shouts, but it offers a delightful alternative to the appalling ‘Hails of Bay’, whilst still not quite reaching the standard of this single's standout track and A-side.

It is evident that whilst Cuddly Shark offer a slice of punk pie brilliance, their back catalogue doesn’t quite make the cut. Despite presenting a talent for writing spiky riffs that the current music scene is undoubtedly lacking, it is clear that Cuddly Shark have a long way to go. It’s not to say that they’re not firmly on their way, but it’s a long and windy road ahead.

Olivia Jaremi

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