Monday, 28 April 2008

SINGLE: Computerclub - Electrons and Particles (Split Records)

Bands these days are pretty boring, aren’t they? With the same old drum patterns, the same old melodies and the same old bass rhythms turning independant music into a laughing stock, causing those who tend to shy away from the mainstream to despair, give in, and retune their vintage radios back to Breakfast With Chris Moyles once again. It’s not all doom and gloom though, with the excitement and energy of Birmingham’s finest – Computerclub – set to save us all.

'Electrons and Particles' is a fast-paced, frantic jangly guitar wonder; combined with frontman Paul Hampton’s soothing vocals, this single is nothing short of an art-rock masterpiece.

Straight from the offset, 'Electrons and Particles' is an angular pop delight. However, b-side 'These Bones' is a much more aurally pleasing affair, offering an edgier, hysterical alternative to the fantastic aforementioned Electrons and Particles. With it’s frenzied rhythm and utterly awesome chorus, it’s evident that Computerclub have much more to offer than their soulless, bleak musical peers.

After almost seven minutes of dark-pop glee, Computerclub have indefinitely proved their worth. All hail CC!

Olivia Jaremi

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