Wednesday, 23 April 2008

EP: Rosalita - What Would Your Mother Say? (Animal Farm Music)

Photo by: E. O'Brien]

Although Rosalita sound like a middle-aged Mexican woman, musically they’re a hell of a lot more exciting than any Mexican woman even if she was a drug trafficking skydiving professional assassin, but it’s a pretty fair comparison judging by the subject of the title track. Whilst ‘What Would Your Mother Say?’ rides its disco-ish drums and synths in a way that’s so catchy it’ll force you to dance all the complaints about "what would your mother do if she knew about all the substances you take" are so preachy and clumsy that it sounds like another ‘Ask Frank’ ad campaign. Maybe Rosalita are trying to be really clever by putting the cautionary tale on top of a mental disco track but it’s just so annoying and patronising that you’d be much more compelled to go and do drugs just to spite the lead singer. ‘If You Can’t Dance’ on the other hand capitalises on their addictive tunes leading with an even better hook, retro sounding synths and a more light-hearted attitude. Sadly this much needed loosening up doesn’t last long. Closer ‘Bedtime’ starts with a much more techno sound but quickly morphs into a stomping whine about an ex which sounds worrying Eurovision-esque with the retarded bleepy synth solos that belong in trashy eurodance songs.

With three tracks it hardly counts as an EP but considering that only one track was actually any good I can’t blame Rosalita for lacking material, at least they didn’t rely on filler. ‘If You Can’t Dance’ shows they’re not a lost cause but with all the whiny crap I’ve heard I’m not about to buy the album.

Ollie Khakwani

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