Monday, 14 April 2008

EP: Scrim - Talking in Code EP (Black Moon Records)

Hailing from Sheffield, Scrim are a band set to follow in the footsteps of many other successful acts renowned for calling the city of steel their respective home. However, unlike many of the over-hyped northern acts presenting mainstream indie for the masses on a platter with added swagger and arrogance, Scrim have that much sought-after unpretentious, and rather brilliant quality to their impressive sound.

The in-your-face frenzy of Talking in Code offers straight up, tuned up infectious riffs like no other, and ultimately rocks like there’s no tomorrow. With the elegant vocals of Alek McGovern, and aggressive solo picking of John Li, the addictive clashes embellishing this song boasts this quintets snotty, antagonistic qualities, and with follow up ‘At the Disco’, the fantastic impression is not lost. With shouty vocals and quite frankly ace drumming, it is clear that such talent deserves a firm place in the limelight. Armed with deadly chords and punching basslines, such addictive music shouldn’t be limited to a mere EP. ‘Open Your Eyes’ is a brilliant triumph, and with it’s smashing solo and hysterical cries, it leaves the listener begging for more, and with final track ‘Supersize’, Scrim offer just that. Frantic chords clash and bash, and within two minutes packed with some of the most interesting and awesome music around, it’s over. Who knew rock music could be so fun?

Standout – At The Disco

Olivia Jaremi

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