Sunday, 13 April 2008

SINGLE: The Author - Dannie (Weekender Records)

Spiky guitars, frantic drumming and cool but slightly cheesy retro synths – single ‘Dannie’ is pretty new wavy, burning with urgency but enough of a sense of fun to get you dancing all the same. The chorus is insanely catchy if not a little weird with vocalists Christian Silver and James Dolan telling Dannie that they’re his soul, and a masterful lull in the middle of the song before breaking into the even more hectic outro. It’s a crazy slice of electro-rock, with the cheeky sense of humour and cocky vocals that make The Author sound like what the Arctic Monkeys would sound like if they knew how to use computers or synthesisers.

B-Side 'Michael Debacle' is in the same vein with an awesome guitar riff topped off this time with spacy keyboard bleeps and what I think are female orgasm sounds on the chorus but the same rapid pace and lull in the middle. It might actually be better lyrically than the single itself although the hook isn’t quite as good and the space bleeps become pretty annoying by the end.

Ollie Khakwani

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