Sunday, 13 April 2008

SINGLE: FlyKKiller - Shine Out Shine Out (FlyKKllr Records)

Starting with a synthed up riff that I think I’ve heard but can’t place and a rising squeak, vocalist Yang’s fiery delivery pulls the track into action which quickly rushes into one of the most brilliant choruses I’ve ever heard, a psychedelic techno mindfuck held together by the intense vocals and sparkly keyboard riff. Although the post-chorus sounds like Mickey Mouse on acid stumbling into the studio, the otherwise perfect production, killer hook and wolf howling in the outro make 'Shine Out Shine Out' the first techno record I’ve heard that I haven’t had the urge to destroy.

The original remix is probably more dancefloor-friendly with the heavier drums but fucks up the bass on the chorus so it isn’t nearly as catchy; The Edison remix is clearly filler, stretching the track into 7 minutes of everything I hate about techno, mostly the repetitive nature and unnecessary production quirks and synth solos that belong on the X-Files, and the Novelist remix doesn’t quite touch the low of the Edison remix but misses out most of the vocals, which deprives the song of its best point and what held it together before. Instead it’s turned into something that sounds like space monsters should be goose-stepping to it.

Ollie Khakwani

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