Monday, 21 April 2008

SINGLE: Idle Lovers - Big Impression / Heart Condition (PopGrooves)

Right from the get-go, Hackney four piece Idle Lovers offer up an alluring aural treat. Immediately catchy and equally as fun, ‘Big Impression’ puts a modern twist on ‘60s pop with sweet harmonies coupled with some imaginative guitar melodies. Daniel Shepherd’s throaty vocals add a sense of urgency and passion to the track, reflecting the longing for an old lover and wishing for her return. Lyrics like “In case you have forgotten, I live at number 17” are impossible to hate, only serving to endear you further to the song’s protagonist.

‘Heart Condition’ is a more frenetic affair, a tale of unrequited love with one of the best choruses of the year thus far. Shepherd’s vocals again are the highlight of the composition, snarling over the rumbling bass and dripping with punk attitude. Long after the CD's stopped spinning, you’ll still be tapping your feet in time with these songs. I suggest you keep an eye out for Idle Lovers, if all of their songs are this strong it won’t be long ‘til they’re taking the country by storm.

Rhian Daly

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