Thursday, 17 April 2008

SINGLE: AutoKratz - Pardon Garcon / French Girls Play Guitar (Kitsune)

Photo by: Rory

Normally a fan of all things Kitsune related, sometimes there are too many supermarket bleeps to really bum a song. However, 'Pardon Garcon' is a grower, especially after the intro. Its highly repetitive beats, bass and bleeps prove compulsive. If you know Kitsune, you know what to expect from this song. If you don’t know Kitsune, where have you been? Where is quelle surprise? Parlez vous Francais.

Do French girls really play guitar? I am yet to meet one that does. Admittedly the French people I know all are over 60 and live in the country. A mystery for Sherlock if there ever was one. See above. But, as the press release states this is more machine-like, providing a back drop for all your sweaty dance moves. Ooh, yes please.

Dearbhaile Kitt

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