Saturday, 26 April 2008

EP: What Would Jesus Drive - We Made This EP (Split Records)

Photo by: Ross Halfin

A pretentiously rousing intro, girl/boy duo, irritatingly catchy shouts for ‘Never Again!’, pun on now defunct 80s pop LEGENDS Boomtown Rats, What Would Jesus Drive tick all the boxes and make no qualms about it. Indie Pop to get the kids at the disco dancing, the pair sound worryingly similar to the tooth achingly sweet Ting Tings; odd, the group started life as a garage rock band.

There’s no reason why these two shouldn’t succeed, ‘Boomtown Twats’ is catchy, if not a bit superficial and lifeless, never mind it only lasts for over a minute. Supporting the likes of Art Brut and The View confirms the ‘Anglo/Aussie two piece’ are clearly on the right track. 'I Think We Rushed Into This’, their second offering and clearly the best on the EP, is sweet, perhaps even genuine. The pair share vocal duties, the shouting has disappeared, replaced by heartbreaking lyrics "why would you tie yourself down, to someone so insecure," I’m tricked into thinking there more depth to these two.

And just when I was starting to like them, they had to ruin it with a cover, ‘You’re The One That I Want’, why? Grease is for drunken karaoke only, sorry, it’s all just so wrong; WWJD, I find you guilty on all charges.

Lorraine Okuefuna

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