Saturday, 26 April 2008

SINGLE: Crimes of The Future - Screen Villains (Zap System Records)

The not so easily formed Crimes of The Future are a new-wave/indie band who have just recorded their new single Screen Villains with producer Trevor Heaton.
The drum machine controlled guitar riffs give us a glimpse back to Nirvana's days of ‘Polly’ but don’t hope for something further to happen. The song dies instantly when the retro melodies take over and the sonic forefront is confronted by Sally Moriarty and followed up by backing vocals. Near new-wave disaster strikes the single but all is saved by well known guitar riffs and drum machine buildups.
The B side of the single, ‘Secret Blue’ sounds more together and a sound on which Crimes of the Future can build their general foundations on. It's nothing bright either, but a glimpse of hope.
Robert Dreija

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